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2023 In Review

2024-01-08 by Quinlan Pfifferyear-end-review



It’s been a strange year- I was sick for six weeks in the beginning and lost a lot of weight. It was not a Good Time. I’ve been off and on sick for the rest of the year- not ideal. In between that though there were some pretty good moments. The traveling continues:

  • Lived in San Carlos de Bariloche for the first few months of the Year
  • Lived in my car until July, paddling a bunch of whitewater
  • Lived in the Faroe Islands
  • Did a pretty rad trip in Tajikistan
  • Lived in a comically small AirBnB in Snoqualmie pass for about a month
  • Lived in Mexico until the New Year, survived all the bad shit that happened there
    • San Agustin Etla
    • Jalcomulco!
  • M and I have been married for a year now, so that worked.
  • My spanish is much better now. Still transactionational.


  • Finally got one- a Singlespeed new-gen Krampus. It’s nice to have a bike again waiting for me.


No big runs or anything this year other than a small vert race in September in Snoqualmie Pass. Lots of consistency though. Or trying to have lots of consistency.

  • The shin splints will continue until morale improves- I’ve been battling this since my stress fracture in 2022. Giving my shins some good time off currently.
  • Discovered running in sandals really works for me
  • Got back some fitness in Mexico, I ran a lot for me- the daily mile is a really nice way to keep some consistency.



  • None at all! But we’re in Japan now and skiing every day.


  • Climbed at El Potrero Chico


62 recorded days in the boat, with probably 5-6 more unrecorded. I’m pretty happy with that number considering how mobile we were.

  • St Joe Drainage
    • My new favorite drainage- Slate Creek was a gem.
  • Lochsa Revenge (No swims!)
  • Little Salmon revenge (Didn’t walk off!)
  • 3-bears on the metolious
  • Niagara on the Santiam
  • Hiked into Canyon Creek (CA)
  • Paddled Canyon Creek (WA)
  • Paddled The E. Fork of the Lewis for the first time and didn’t swim
  • Still can’t reliably roll my packraft
  • John Day multiday with Jake


Mostly had to build back up from ground zero on this one, so no real break-throughs.


Too many audiobooks to count, which I don’t, and only a handful of paper books. I decided not to write them down this last year, which I don’t really like.

Living the Best Day Ever is my favorite book of all time. I return to it often.


I rewrote the backend for which adds a cool, weird, custom Python <-> Lua binding. I like it. It was quite a lot of work, actually. Otherwise it was pretty Monday to Friday. ReverseGPX continues to tick along with a few users.


Goals from Last Year


Goals for 2024

  • Books
    • Infinite Jest
    • 2066
    • Mao II
    • Born to Run
  • Videography
    • Shoot video every day
    • Make some fun edits from Japan
  • Self
    • New Tattoo
    • Guitar Daily
    • Weekly meditation
    • Eat better - More veggies!
    • Get resting heartrate under 50
    • Wake up and go to bed consistently. Do the work.
    • 20 consecutive pull-ups
    • Cold Dips
  • Boating
    • The Chetco/Tin Cup Creek/Illinois Triple
    • Any one of those rivers ^^^
    • Paddle in Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan or Zambia
    • Live in Kernville
  • Running
    • Fastpack something, preferably the Kalmiopsis
    • Have a good 50k
    • Have a good 50-miler
    • Fix shin splints
  • Skiing
    • Land a 180
    • Learn to ride switch
    • Don’t get injured
    • Do some cool spring touring
    • Ski Yotei
    • Visit a ghost resort
  • Relationships
    • Monthly/Weekly check-ins with M
    • Interact and support Mom/Dad/Cameron
    • Hang out with close friends more often
  • Writing
    • Write about Japan life
    • Write about the GoPros I’ve been using


Besides being sick all the time and my chronic shin splints, I’m doing pretty well. Feeling pretty strong and fit.