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power.markdown by NO AUTHOR

I geek out about power consumption on a lot of my computers, and this is a sparse collection of observations I’ve noticed about some of them.

Personal Machines

Desktop (AMD FX-8350)

X1 Carbon (i5-3427U)

  • Wattage (Idle): 7
  • Wattage (Peak): 12
  • Notes: Peak includes running two virtual machines and compiling some Haskell stuff. Idle is what I’m calling standard use with a web browser, IRC and a handful of terminals open.

Thinkpad T61p (T-9300 Core2Duo)

  • Wattage (Idle): 22-24
  • Wattage (Peak): 32
  • Notes: This thing uses power like a desktop.


Eee PC 1000HAB (Intel Atom)

  • Wattage (Idle): 7.3
  • Wattage (Peak): 10
  • Notes: Screen brightness is about half a watt in either direction. Battery is of a pretty good size, lasted about five hours.