Quinlan Pfiffer

Fullstack Web Developer

I'm a web-focused engineer with eight+ years of experience writing production quality code for all sorts of applications and places. I'm most at home in a terminal, implementing tests and business logic in a backend environment, though I am more than comfortable doing CSS/SASS/SCSS and HTML as well.


Notable Personal Projects

All of these projects are open source and available on my GitHub profile. There are a lot more things I've worked on, but these have been personal favorites.


  • Programming Languages: C, Golang, Erlang
  • Full end-to-end datastore/hash-table implementation
  • Managed a small international team of open source developers
  • Managed social media and community outreach efforts
  • Full continuous integration, tested codebase
  • Started as a joke but turned into a Real Thing

Simple Sparsehash

  • Programming Languages: C
  • Full re-implementation of Google's SparseHash hashing library as a teaching/learning exercise


  • Programming Languages: C, Python
  • Lightweight, unopinionated web framework
  • Custom templating language
  • Custom HTTP server
  • C/Python FFI
  • Kinda fast


  • Programming Languages: C
  • Programming language and interpreter implemented from scratch
  • Full parser/lexer
  • Full test suite

Merveilles IO

  • Programming Languages: Python
  • Flask based link aggregation framework hooked up to IRC
  • Uses Kyoto Cabinet as the data backend
  • It's been running 24/7 with no issues
  • Even makes thumbnails of images!


  • Programming Languages: Python
  • Flask based CRUD-style application for managing meetups and ideas
  • 100% based on OlegDB

Work Experience

Nike Valiant Labs - Senior Backend Web Developer

December 2016 - May 2018

  • Technologies: Python, Django, GraphQL, node.js, AWS, PostgreSQL, Postgraphile, Stripe, Checkr
  • Worked alone to implement the entire backend for a market-to-market fitness application first in Django, then later with node.js.
  • Extensive AWS experience - Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, RDS, EC2, etc.
  • PostgreSQL, deployment, querying, data modeling, optimization
  • Relied heavily on GraphQL for backend, extended both with Python and node.js

Survant James - Fullstack Web Developer

October 2014 - July 2016

  • Technologies: Python, Django, Rails/Ruby, node.js, Clojure, Datomic, objective-c, C, Android, Coffeescript
  • Worked backend/frontend on many different projects, including Rails, Django and node.js.
  • Provided support and low-level code for a large iOS application
  • Spent lots of time in different languages: Python 2/3, Ruby, objective-C, regular C, clojure, node.js, coffeescript
  • Extensive experience with PostgreSQL and Datomic



Aquameta - Fullstack Web Developer

May 2012 - August 2014

Intel - Junior Software Dev

Summer 2011