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Simple Postgres Backups

2022-11-11 by Quinlan Pfiffersoftwarepostgres

You’ll need Postgres installed somewhere, and my favorite program ever, logpurge.

  1. Create a script that looks like this:

pg_dump -Fc mzbh > /var/backups/db_backups/db-$(date '+%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S').gz
logpurge -y -d /var/backups/db_backups/

This will tell Postgres to dump to gzip’d files that look something like db-2022-11-11_19:41:57.gz. It will also run logpurge in that directory, which will keep more recent backups but delete older ones, keeping some around for access, logarithmically.

  1. Setup a cron job like so:
$ crontab -e
17 2 * * * /var/backups/db_backups/

This will run your backup nightly at 2:17 AM. And you’re done! You could add a neat little monitoring hook like Deadman’s Snitch if you wanted to get really fancy.