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Finding a Vehicle

2021-09-17 by Quinlan Pfifferadventurenomadismvehicle

Things are changing, I need a different vehicle. I have a couple months to do this and quite a bit of time, now, so I can afford to be a little more discerning than the excited puppy I usually am.


I’ve got a Subaru Forester currently, and it’s great, but I can’t sit and work in it in cold climates. I have to have the back-hatch open to really do anything. This works great when it’s pretty mild outside, and I can get away with hooking up a tarp and hiding behind it when it’s rainy, but having a place that I can sit up straight and heat would be ideal. I don’t want to wear fingerless gloves or anything like that. I mean, I will if I have to.

I want to ski, ice climb and fat bike this winter, and probably do some frigid boating, too. Being able to have a good spot to come back to thats more or less warm sounds like a good idea. I can’t have all my stuff frozen all the time.


  • 4x4/AWD
  • Enough clearance/capability to get around on messed up forest roads, climbing trails, mud or snow.
  • Rally lighting so I can see wtf I’m doing in a blizzard
  • At least 20 MPG
  • Small enough to fit in a normal parking space (No extended wheelbase or anything like that) and daily drive if I need to
  • A place I can sit up straight and work from
  • A place to sleep (doesn’t need to be much)
  • Long enough to fit a kayak and/or a bike inside
  • 2” Trailer Hitch ability
  • Good roofrack potential

Nice to haves

  • Airbags
  • Reliability
  • Semi-discrete: No pop-top campers.
  • Ability to cook inside
  • Enough power to get up steep stuff
  • Rotors on all wheels, not just the front
  • Ability to mount a pull-up bar.


  • Sprinter (lol)
  • Dodge promaster
  • That hilariously tiny NV minivan from Nissan
  • Toyota Sienna (dat momlook)
    • You can get these in AWD and some can be lifted.
  • Toyota Previa (smooth alien lozenge)
    • Hard to work on and usually beaten to death.
  • An old ambulance
    • Big, slow, conspicuous
  • A hotshot buggy or something
    • Hard to find
  • Mitsubishi Delica
  • Toyota Hiace 4x4
  • Some kind of truck with a camper in the bed
  • Random american van from the last 20 years
    • GMC Sierra/Astrovan
    • Some quigley-converted 4x4 Econoline.