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The Great MR2 FireSale

2020-02-13 by Quinlan Pfifferjunk

The time has come. I’m getting out of the game, and I’m selling this MR2. Heres what I’ve got, maybe you want to buy it?

What it is

A naturally-asperated 1985 Toyota MR2. This is not the supercharged edition. Has a moonroof. Manual doorlocks/windows. Cruise control. Manual transmission.

I bought the car for $400 dollars (rod knock) off of craigslist with the intention of turning it into a badass rally machine/gambler car. I got about halfway through and ran out of money and time. It’s time for it to go.

The engine and transmission have been removed, along with the rear brakes (they were seizing up and I had to take them off so we could roll it into the garage.

It’s basically a build-your-own race-car kit. The title is clean, but unregistered: I have all previous bills of sale between the last title and now.

What I have

The Big Stuff

  • One stock transmission (the C50)
  • One 3-rib 4AGE engine block + head + all the fixings (came out of this car)
  • One 7-rib 4AGE engine block + head + all the fixings. This one came out of a 1989 MR2 and both the head and block have been cleaned and remachined. The block has been overbored by .020”, if I remember correctly. I have the paperwork for both of these chunks of work and they were done by Ted King from Portland Engine Rebuilders. I can provide more detail here if necessary.
  • Eight wheels: Four stock, four random aluminum garbage ones that came with the car when I bought it.

Everything Else

  • Random stock exhaust
  • The car has four adjustable strut inserts, I’m not sure of the brand. I’ve never pulled them. Maybe someone can tell from the pictures of the top?
  • Exhaust wrap: I’ve got a roll of it and if the car goes I have no use for it.
  • I have a shitton of pistons and rods, for some reason. Both the stock ones, and the overbored ones. Brand new.
  • Brand new gasket kit. (timing belt, head gasket, etc.)
  • New oil pump
  • New water pump
  • All the screws/bolts/nuts/linkages are mostly sorted into small containers.
  • New hose kit (All silicon hoses)
  • Two new LED lamps and the needed inverter relays. Theres even an extra relay because I didn’t know you only needed one.
  • Yes, the headlights still go up and down.
  • A/C compressor of unknown status


  • There are small rust spots in the body, but it’s a west coast car as far as I know so it’s not totally destroyed underneath.
  • There is a small crack in the exhaust manifold.
  • At some point whatever battery was in the car corroded, so there are some corrded/rusty spots on the battery mount plate, the top of the transmission and what I think is the heater core.
  • A lot of the internal parts are covered with oil/muck, mostly the lower ones. Things like the fuel rails, MAF, throttle-body are all pretty clean.
  • When pulling the exhaust, I managed to de-weld one of the exhaust hook hangars. It was a little bolt spot-welded into a hole in the body. I think it’s still rattling around in there but shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • Theres mouse-poop in the trunk: I had to pull out all of the fabric in there when I bought the car so it’s largely empty.

Where is it

The one super annoying thing is that both engines and a few parts are here in PDX, but the car itself is out in Scappoose in a hangar. It’ll need to be trailered to go anywhere useful, but the engines can be grabbed here in Portland.