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Local Bad Times Ideas

2020-01-28 by Quinlan Pfifferoutside

One of the things I really enjoy is fuckin’ around, which I define as an adventure that you can do from your door, that takes around a day, is poorly planned or loosely defined, and is fully human powered. The inspiration for this comes partly from @jerryoftheyear and partly from Brian Donnely’s From the Doorstep video.

To that end, it’s good to have a couple different ideas to launch off on. Like last weekend we rode out to Rocky Butte to dry-tool and then just kind of explored. It was phenomenal. It’s been raining very hard the last couple days, so I’m tempted to declare that my Beaverton water traverses are going to start becoming possible again.

This document is intended to be a loose collection of ideas and shitty things to do.


The Beaverton Creek Traverse

The idea is you ride out to the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, do a bike -> boat transition, and then get as far as you can. I would be psyched if we could get to Noble Woods Park, but in reality we’d probably not even make it through the first park. Theres a lot of bushes, trees and trash. It’s a nightmare, but it looks really fun and adventure-ish. Get out whenever and bike home.

I scoped this previously and decided it wasn’t really doable, but I need to go back and look now that it’s been raining pretty hard. It’s too tempting to try it, it’s RIGHT THERE.

The Tualatin River Really Long Day

This one is definitely more doable. The main idea is that you ride from home, get to the Farmington Paddle Launch and then go as far as you can. I know Oregon City is definitely the end of the line, because it’s full of dams and this huge paper facility, but getting out before then and riding home is completely fine. Just doing a big multi-sport day.

The thing here is I know for sure the biking would take probably an hour on either side, but the river miles are about 30, which is huge. It’d be a massive day. I’ve done some big river days before, but that was with rapids: I’m unsure of how this river behaves. This one might need a lot of rain too, just to make sure it’s flowing quickly.