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2017 In Review

2018-01-05 by Quinlan Pfifferyear-end-review


  • State champion in track racing, in category 4/5. I’ll be a 3 this year, so that’ll be the end of winning for a while.
  • Made it to four countries other than my own (Canada, Iceland, China and England)
  • Sailed, again.
  • More camping, multiple times
  • Raced cross-crusade, twice
  • I bought a cheap car and started tearing it apart/putting it back together
  • I read a few great books this year, Accelerando and Glasshouse were probably my favorites. Void Star was amazing as well, though.


Definitely no side projects this year.


  • Didn’t finish the journal task, but I got close.
  • Didn’t squat 315, could’ve focused more on that.
  • A lot of time wasted working a job I’m not excited about.

Goals from Last Year

  • FailedSide-business/passive income. Making things or something.
  • SucceededGet bodyweight up to at least 165 (Did this twice, both pre and post food-poisoning.)
  • UnsureImprove Vertical Leap
  • FailedSquat 315 lbs.
  • SucceededRace more Track (I did this a lot.)
  • UnsureRead more Books
  • FailedGo on more bike adventures (short 2-3 day trips or longer trips)
  • Ride 10k miles.Made it like 2700 miles or so, not really close.
  • FailedGet in trouble on the packraft (Still haven’t built it)
  • UnsureTurn the MR2 into an adventure machine (Kind of moot, with the 2nd one)
  • SucceededVisit China/Taiwan/Hong Kong again (Went to Beijing)
  • FailedJournal Every Day (I tried, but ended up missing/half-assing a few days)

Goals for 2017

Reading through my journals from this year it’s obvious that there are things in my behavior that I need to be more mindful of. It’s easy to underestimate how difficult winters can be in Portland, and what I wrote down and the days that were burned due to malaise kind of illustrate my denial, in retrospect. There are so many days wasted being listless, when all it takes is to leave, and an outside perspective. I really inted this year to be better to myself and those around me.

  • Squat 300+ Lbs.
  • Bivvy at least once a month
  • Get the second MR2 up and running
  • Journal Every Day
  • Read a book a month
  • Attend a rally/rallycross event

Random Stats

  • Longest ride (non-stop): 40 miles during the gorge gravel grinder.
  • Longest ride (stop-to-stop): Probably the Ladd’s 500 laps I did in April 2017.
  • Fastest 200m Sprint: 13.1
  • Weight: ~168lbs
  • Books read:
  • Commits:
  • Longest Commit Streak:
  • Heaviest deadlift: 365lbs
  • Heaviest squat: 275 (305 assisted in Beijing, but that doesnt count)
  • Heaviest bench: 185
  • Journal entries: ~350