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2016 In Review

2016-12-31 by Quinlan Pfifferyear-end-review


  • Deadlifted 3-pl8 (315 lbs.)
  • Rode 1000 Miles, mostly off-road. Documented it.
  • Travelled quite a bit. Went to Seattle a handful of times, Shanghai, Qingdao.
  • Did a road-trip down the west-coast and climbed at Bishop. Saw Joshua Tree. Ate tacos in Pheonix. I went all over.
  • Did my first bikepacking trip(s) (So many different places)
  • Did my first multi-pitch climb. I didn’t lead it, though.
  • Stayed a few days on a boat and sailed through the Peugett Sound, visited a few of the San Juan Islands.
  • Camped out at a weird secret spot behind Mt. Hood with 9 other friends, experienced Gresh-fest.
  • Pickathon (Awesome)
  • What the Festival (Not as Awesome, still fun)
  • Raced at the velodrome
  • Raced cyclocross a couple of times (Just a bit)
  • Learned to sew, made a bikebag and sold it for money.
  • Hosted a fight club (twice!) in a warehouse for a few friends of mine.


No real new projects this year, aside from the blackdog website which is kind of a kludge. It did what it needed to. project of the year all years.


  • Didn’t focus on lifting as much as I wanted to
  • Didn’t race more
  • Didn’t code enough
  • Didn’t write/read enough
  • Stopped Climbing and boxing
  • Still no side business. I want to make some money somehow.
  • No art projects
  • Didn’t go to as many shows as I would’ve liked

Goals from Last Year

  • Succeeded Revive the Lost Kids Ride (At least for a few months. It was good.)
  • Failed Throw an unsanctioned race or two (I did wear a dress at an alley cat my partner hosted, though. That was fun.)
  • Failed Be able to hold a free handstand for a minute (Stopped caring.)
  • Succeeded Get the hell out of the country (Went to Shanghai, Qingdao)
  • Failed Continue boxing, rock-climbing
  • Succeeded Race Track
  • Unsure Read more Books
  • Succeeded Create something that isn’t code Clothing, sculpture, some kind of interactive art piece, sketching/drawing. (I learned to sew! Made a bunch of bags.)
  • Failed Use all of the paint
  • Unsure Camp in the dome again ( I mean, I camped NEXT to the dome)
  • Failed Don’t drink at all (Let’s try full straight-edge!)
  • Failed Journal every day (I got quite a few days but not all of them)
  • Unsure Take more pictures, like 2013 (I did take a few pictures)
  • Failed Pass CHN203 (The time came and went and I didn’t sign up)

Goals for 2017

  • Side-business/passive income. Making things or something.
  • Get bodyweight up to at least 165
  • Improve Vertical Leap
  • Squat 315 lbs.
  • Race more Track
  • Read more Books
  • Go on more bike adventures (short 2-3 day trips or longer trips)
  • Ride 10k miles.
  • Get in trouble on the packraft
  • Turn the MR2 into an adventure machine
  • Visit China/Taiwan/Hong Kong again
  • Journal Every Day

Random Stats

  • Longest ride (non-stop): 70-ish miles on the Trask route
  • Longest ride (stop-to-stop): ~1000 miles from Vancouver, B.C. to Klamath Falls, OR.
  • Weight: ~158lbs
  • Commits: 799 total (still falling from a high in 2014)
  • Longest Commit Streak: 5 Days (I’m so monday to friday now)
  • 314 Journal Pages across 3.5ish journals. More than last year!