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2015 In Review

2015-12-30 by Quinlan Pfifferyear-end-review

Lot’s of turmoil this year, good and bad things. I feel like I’m a better person than I was last year.


  • Driver’s License + Car (Wooo!)
  • Gained ~20 pounds (135 -> 155)
  • I’m in the best shape of my life
  • Got two bikes stolen, one was recovered. Learned my lesson there.
  • Met a lot of new people
  • Travelled to New York to see family with just my brother
  • New Tattoos
  • Hiked quite a bit
  • Started doing daily journalling to cope with memory loss. This has improved my hand-writing and memory.
  • Wore some stupid shirts to OSBridge.
  • Helped build and then camped in a dome in the Alvord Desert. Bonus Video.
  • Didn’t play street fighter at all
  • Had the best fight of my life where this happened.
  • Didn’t drink for the two months before said fight
  • Started rock climbing, made it out to smith rock.
  • Passed CHN202
  • Camped out in a dome on the river with some friends
  • Hosted a Tuesday-night singlespeed-only ride for a while
  • Rode around Portland more than any other year. Met a lot of cool people via bikescum groups.
  • Sort of learned to cook. I can make some pretty mean chicken breast in the oven now.
  • Books for this year, couple of re-reads:


Succeeded (for some definitions of the word)

  • Skulledit - Random project in Love2D that I wheedle on every now and then to implement the skullcode hex editor.
  • 38-Moths - Split into a framework in C. Actually pretty cool, reasonably fast and easy to use. Pretty proud of this one, actually.
  • Printer Facts API - Uses the 38-Moths framework to serve Printer facts at Webscale speeds.
  • Simple Sparsehash - A re-implementation of Google’s sparsehash, got me a little internet fame and was a really good learning opportunity.
  • Clear Waste of Time - Random, tiny IRC-spawned ideas. Kind of a fun collection of stupid shit.
  • Mayo-Workbench - Uses 38-Moths to display information about an OlegDB instance.

Continued (Not dead yet!)


  • OlegDB - Didn’t really touch it this year, a weird segfault in olt_spoil kind of defeated me.
  • - Defeated after numerous segfaults, hosting costs and random shit. Decided to shelve it for the time being.
  • voidcrash - I don’t even know. No explicit goal or timeframe, mostly just mythos/world building with a friend of mine.


  • zx - Was going to use this as a time tracking utility but stopped caring pretty quickly.
  • PrinterFS - Was going to be a distributed file system. Ended up being too complicated.
  • PrintlessFS - Was going to use this as FUSE bindings to rethinkdb for waifu. Overwhelmed and under-motivated.
  • Thray - Was going to be an exercise with a friend of mine to scrape tumblr. Got distracted and started working on other things. Wrote some C++ that hits the tumble endpoints, though.


  • I spent way too much money on cassette tapes
  • I haven’t created as much as I wanted to
  • Hurt some people.
  • Didn’t work on OlegDB much at all this year.
  • Failed CHN203
  • kind of stopped being a thing. Currently in Limbo. I put a lot of effort into it last year. Sucks to see it languishing.
  • Didn’t leave the country this year
  • Didn’t write as much code as I wanted to
  • Slept too much

Goals from Last Year

  • Succeeded: More mandarin.
  • Succeeded: More boxing. Get back to it.
  • Failed: Travel to mainland china (Shenzhen, Shanghai)
  • Succeeded: Driver’s License (Yeah right)
  • Failed: Travel to Japan
  • Succeeded: Drink less
  • N/A: Figure out whether freelancing is a good idea or not
  • Failed: Read more books

Goals for 2016

  • Revive the Lost Kids Ride
  • Throw an unsanctioned race or two
  • Be able to hold a free handstand for a minute
  • Get the hell out of the country
  • Continue boxing, rock-climbing
  • Race Track
  • Read more Books
  • Create something that isn’t code: Clothing, sculpture, some kind of interactive art piece, sketching/drawing
  • Use all of the paint
  • Camp in the dome again
  • Don’t drink at all (Let’s try full straight-edge!)
  • Journal every day
  • Take more pictures, like 2013
  • Pass CHN203

Random Stats

  • Weight: ~155lbs
  • Commits: 1,843 total (oof)
  • Longest Commit Streak: 20 Days
  • 263 Pages Used across 3.5ish journals