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2014 In Review

2015-01-01 by Quinlan Pfifferyear-end-review


  • Passed Chinese 101, 102, 103 and 201 with flying colors. Helped start and maintain the PCC Chinese Club. Met a lot of cool people in chinese class. Good year for language learning.
  • Spent almost a month in Taiwan, alone. One of my most valuable experiences of
  • Wrote more C this year than any other time. Ever.
  • Wrote some Erlang. Nice language, don’t like the VM.
  • Put a ton of work into OlegDB. Ended up creating GRESHUNKEL to build and power the website, which has now infected many of my other projects.
  • Attempted to implement a language, Den. Turns out I hate parsing things.
  • Took the Xbox-live syntax from the GRESHUNKEL static generator, ported it to C and released it as a stand-alone library.
  • Had a handful of people break my IRC link aggregators:
  • Wrote a handful of C++, got a recruiting email from Google for it. Neat.
  • Okay year for book reading, I wish I’d read more books. Taiwan was great for reading.
  • NEOTOKYO° was released on steam, was a good revival for the community. Played a lot this year.
  • Didn’t make the ‘10,000 Commits by the end of the year’ goal:
2014-03-06 13:42:12     jnerula Guys if I hit 10,000 commits in a year
2014-03-06 13:42:14     jnerula what happens
2014-03-06 13:43:23     coalbe  nothing.
2014-03-06 13:44:11     coalbe  muda bro.
2014-03-06 13:46:31     vhost-  yeah, muda
2014-03-06 13:47:21     vhost-  jnerula: it's on
2014-03-06 13:47:33     vhost-  10,000 commits by december 31st
2014-03-06 13:47:45     vhost-  IFF challenge
2014-03-06 13:48:07     vhost-  winner gets a linode vps for 6 months?
2014-03-06 13:48:20     vhost-  they have to be good commits too
2014-03-06 13:48:27     vhost-  not just bullshit or blanks


Succeeded (for some definitions of the word)

  • OlegDB - I don’t care what you say, best thing of 2014.
  • - Somehow spent enough time on this to have almost 300 commits. It’s a webserver, templating language, webm-scraping, OlegDB-testing megamachine that basically downloads webms from 4chan and does some basic analysis on them. Hilarious. Works really well for what it is, still needs some love. I’m really happy with this project.
  • GRESHUNKEL - The static site generator that I will use for the rest of my life. Hilariously awful, it’s probably the first thing utilizing antagonistic design principals.
  • BashDB - Mostly a joke, just to see if I could.
  • DBM Source Code - Not really a sideproject, I just dug up the old v7 DBM code and put it online because I got tired of wondering what it looked like.
  • IRC-Nick-Graph - C++ project I spent a couple of weekends on to build a graph of Usernames -> Aliases from IRC logs. Started after I read the User -> Role permission graph in the MongoDB sourcecode. Works pretty well. Don’t really need to touch it again.
  • - Website for the Chinese PCC Club. Built with Greshunkel. Works well.
  • gshkl - C port of the greshunkel templating language.


  • lair - My interpreter for the Den language. Turns out I hate making languages.
  • #metaforcefeed - Originally a generic Reddit-like system to track ideas and test OlegDB. It’s currently broken because Oleg did something weird to it’s datafiles and I haven’t reverse engineered it yet.
  • - Probably my most popular project of 2014. Just puts images on a page with a background color. Needs some love to support tags and webms.
  • mttp - The HTTP server that powered OlegDB before we switched to Go. It doesn’t compile right now but I didn’t want to lose the code. May use it again someday.


  • - Was going to be a reverse-image search engine thing. Ended up getting mired in the image format bullshit (Do I write my own jpeg parser? What about PNGs?). I might get back to it someday.
  • kyoto-pantry - Userspace file deduplication. Got mired in the actual implementation of min-hashing and efficient chunk differentiation. Dunno if I ever want to finish this one.
  • agdyne - Evolved from the IRC-Nick-Graph project, was going to be a graph database. Didn’t go far, got fed-up with needing to build a query language.


  • Didn’t write much Haskell this year.
  • Didn’t box much at all this year. Really regret this one, it was my favorite thing from 2013.
  • Didn’t finish all the side-projects I started. Didn’t finish the ones from last year.
  • Didn’t really work on at all.
  • Didn’t read as much as I wanted to.

Goals from Last Year

  • Failed: Get a driver’s license
  • Success: Get a comfortable grasp on Mandarin
  • Failed: Start writing Haskell for someone, for money
  • Success: More travelling (Singapore, Murmansk, Tokyo)
  • Failed: Keep boxing (work on footwork)
  • Failed: Start a business and make some money on the side
  • Failed: Place in fpcomplete monthly contest.

Goals for 2015

  • More mandarin.
  • More boxing. Get back to it.
  • Travel to mainland china (Shenzhen, Shanghai)
  • Driver’s License (Yeah right)
  • Travel to Japan
  • Drink less
  • Figure out whether freelancing is a good idea or not
  • Read more books

Random Stats

  • Weight: ~140lb
  • Books read: 7
  • Commits: 2,376