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2014-09-06 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Today was pretty rad, I woke up at 9AM or so showered, and headed out to go participate in the Capcom Asia Pro-tour tournament.

After some coffee and a donut, I made my way out to the random internet/board game cafe thing that was hosting it and signed up. Since I’d gotten there really early I went and hung out in a cafe for a while and fucked around on irc for a while.

After meeting some of my arcade friends (who knew you could bond with random people over a video game in a foreign county?) we went up for some casuals. Daigo, Xian, Humanbomb, Lapchi Duong, Gamerbee and a handful of other really good international players were there to kick ass.

When the tournament finally started I was in pool A, and my first match went really well. My second match was kind of close and after that I got my ass kicked by some random taiwanese Ibuki player. Going 2-1 is about average for my tournament record.

I hung out some more, ate some random bread with pork floss (So thats what that shit is!) and waited for the next set of pools to start.

Some of my friends did pretty well, one went as far as 4-2, which is really good. He even said it was his first tournament! Crazy. I should’ve brought my stick.

At some point I ended up chatting with the owner of the cafe thing, a starcraft player. His english was really good, and he, like everyone else so far, said I was dumb for just sitting in Taipei for so long. Yeah, yeah I’ll get around eventually.

After the second set of pools was over we ended up going to McDonalds. Fun little chat, whatever. I also met a Japanese guy who said he was a fan of Daigo.

After a pretty exciting top 8, they held a raffle where I ended up winning a shirt. It’s a pretty cool looking thing, stereotypical black-on-green razer stuff.

First rule in life is to just show up, right?