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2014-09-05 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Yesterday was boring and I didn’t do anything except write some code and buy a couple of shirts. On the other hand, today was pretty busy.

I started off with a trip to the National Taiwan Musem, which wasn’t much, to be honest. There were some neat things though.

After that, I followed it up with a trip out to and on to the Maokong Gondoloa which was a nice little experience. It was incredibly hot in the actual… gondolites? Gondolas? gondominiums? I don’t know, it only cost me 50 NTD and I bought ice cream at the end.

Got home, hung out on my computer for a while, then I played more street fighter, and surprise surprise the capcom pro-tour is coming to Taiwan tomorrow, and I’m gonna hit that up. I’ve become quite chummy with the dudes at the arcade despite the language barrier. I got one of their LINE numbers or whatever it is, and we fight pretty often. Good group of dudes.

After losing a bunch of money to some Blanka player, I went out and ordered yakisoba. This was a fun little outing too because I added an egg to the meal, which I haven’t done before. This resulted in some back and forth with them asking me how I wanted my egg done. I don’t know the words for that so I eventually just said I don’t care and we moved on. Fun guys, they were all smiling about it.

After that I ran back to the hostel and grabbed my camera because the Taiwan Fixed-Style meetup happens every Friday night and I like bikes, so.

I got there and there are some pretty nice bikes at this thing, makes me realize I should probably put together a new one. Some nice kids ended up approaching me for some kind of pseudo art-project where I answer a question on a postcard and then ask one of my own, which will then show up whenever it’s shipped. Really cool actually.

Finally I ended up chatting with one guy for a while until everyone took off on their ride, I really regret not being able to take my bike; it would’ve been fun.