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2014-09-03 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Well it’s been two days, what have I been up to? Just a bit. As a general status update, the scurvy has krept in a little bit, I have a ton of mosquito bites (and I seem to get more every day) and I’m a little sunburnt. I also shaved recently. It’s still way too hot here.

Yesterday I needed to do laundry, so that was my first course of action. After eating this delicious soupy shit I had a powerful urge to return to base and think it over. It really didn’t agree with me for some reason, maybe it was the garlic vinegar or something.

After finally doing some laundry I didn’t know what to do, so I consulted one of the random pamhlets I pilfered from the lobby at the hostel. Treasure Hill and 公馆(Gongguan) in general looked pretty fun so I decided to head out there.

I haven’t put the pictures up yet, but so far it’s my favorite place in Taipei. It has the feel of Beyond in the animatrix, it’s pretty crazy. Random stairways, half-houses, parts of it are crumbling; it’s awesome.

Today I went to Beitou which is the home of all of the hot springs in Taipei. Really nice little hike, with some neat pictures at the end as a result. Being at that hot spring, not even in it, just near it, is definitely the hottest I’ve been this whole trip. The thermal valley hot spring is 80-100 degrees celsius, and the water is constantly letting off sulfur/steam.

On the way back you can dip your feet into the runoff, which is a frostry 60 or so degrees celsius. There I met two Japanese guys and a Chinese girl who were visitng, we managed to converse somehow. We took a picture together and then parted ways.

I wrapped the day up at this really expensive pub which I probably won’t go back to, and now I’m back at the hostel.