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2014-09-01 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Haven’t written in a couple of days, let’s see what I’ve done… Quite a lot. Not a bit? I’m not sure, Taipei is a nice place, aside from all the heat.

Yesterday I decided to go on a hike, because why not? Turns out that was kind of a bad idea because I am not covered in quite a few mosquito bites. Lesson learned, buy some pants next time.

Anyways, I decided to try hiking up 象山 (Elephant Mountain) which isn’t really much of a mountain, but is pretty nice anyway. There are steps all the way up (a lot of steps) with an incredible view at the top. I also managed to snag one of my favorite pictures thus far. I’m pretty sure that that spider is a Golden silk orb-weaver and they’re pretty common on this side of the ocean. Thats also Taipei 101 in the background.

I was dog-tired after the hike (I walked there, and walked up, and walked back) so I headed straight back and didn’t do much else.

Today I figured I’d get the postcards I’ve been meaning to send out, which was a fun little adventure. I managed to communicate to the 7-11 clerk that I wanted stamps, score one for self-confidence. Kenny was a bit impressed I can speak 中文 at all, and so am I.

Speaking of Kenny, all of the people working at the hostel are awesome. They’re all helpful, they speak english pretty well and encourage my broken Mandarin. I’ll definitely stay with them again whenever I come back to Taiwan.

Besides the stamps thing, I woke up kind of late and didn’t do much today. I wandered around near 台北車站 and found a coffee shop that isn’t terrible to hang out for a bit in. Took some pictures along the way.