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Panic Measures

2014-08-29 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Tonight, I got drunk. At Revolver. Nice place. Friendly people, and I think I made a friend, but you never know, Maybe he’s a Gremlin or a Prole. I’m still pretty drunk now.

Other than that, today was pretty damn busy. I woke up at 6:30AM again because Jetlag. I procrastinated a bit, then decided to visit GuangHua Digital Plaza and the 24-hour bookstore.

Had lunch at a place called Watami, some kind of crazy Egg-in-a-stone-bowl meal that was really good and filling, although a little more pricey than the standard. Waitress had to mix it up for me because I didn’t know wtf to do with the egg in the rice. Panic.

They were both pretty neat places, I might go back to the bookstore to get some workbooks for practice, I’m not sure. I didn’t go late enough in the day for the plaza to be of any real interest, felt like overpriced Hong Kong-style malls to me; It’s a wonder people buy things there. Everything is regularly 10-15 dollars over what it should be,

After the bookstore, I went to a laundromat and made a couple of videos for the folks following along at home. Fun times. It was hot as shit in that laundromat, I sacrificed a lot for you gibbering gremlins.

As usual, I went to the arcade to stomp some people on the thing I’m okay at, Street Fighter. That was uneventful. I figure I’ll blow at least $100.00 at this place before I go back stateside.

When I had my fill I went to this place called Revolver. Nice people, lot of expats/white people. Don’t get me wrong, I love the friendly Taiwanese but sometimes I just want to talk to someone without point and saying “This, please”.

Met somebody named Jacob, had a good time, then I went and bought a sandwich from 7-11. Time for sleep.