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2014-08-29 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Today was pretty eventful. Woke up with a slight hangover from cheap happy hour at revolver around 11-ish AM. Decided to go eat breakfast and to get some Real Coffee™, but didn’t know where. I ended up chatting with one of my bunkmates who I currently don’t know the name of, and we went off in search of breakfast together.

I guess he hails from Germany and lives in London, and has a pretty extensive travelling history around the China/Singapore/Taiwan area. We chatted for quite a long time over some authentic Taiwanese food (soy milk, dumplings, various egg/beef/vegetable mashups) and then wandered around for a bit.

After that we had coffee at a place I think is called Dong Fa. The coffee here is pretty good, a lot of places are passionate about it.

Hung out for a bit at the hostel, then decided to visit Proud Cat fixed gear because it’s close and why the hell not? I walked for about 20-25 minutes in the heat and the sun, and they were closed; not that it wasn’t worth it, I found some other cafes and random fun little paths/alleys of the main street. I am now sufficiently sunburned though.

Walking bit I stopped this place which is some kind of crazy mall/target/fred meyer mashup with a ton of random crap in it. Bought some cold coffee, grabbed my camera and tokens and hit the arcade again. Good timekiller.

After the norm (doing okay against the locals) this one dude comes up, speaks pretty good english and tells me he is some kind of mobster (when he puts his sunglasses on). He was a pretty awesome guy, had a lot of fun and started yelling. Awesome, we exchanged some info and I left. He said he spoke french, but whatever man.

At this point I was pretty hungry so I decided to go to the 师大 nightmarket. Wandered around for a long time and then bought some dumplings, bubble tea and some random stuff on skewers. Good food.

Hung out in 西门町 some more, then went back. Now I hang out with the surprisingly crowded bunkcrew. Good mix of randoms in here.