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2013 In Review

2014-01-01 by Quinlan Pfifferyear-end-review


I started boxing and stuck with it. This is probably one of the most valuable things of 2013.

I attempted and failed to learn both Japanese and Mandarin. At least with Mandarin I’m remedying this by going back to school.

I travelled earlier in the year to New York, and in October to Hong Kong.

I built this site, and started

I improved my Haskell knowledge by building projects like whatbook (unfinished) and gather.

I think I read good dozen or so books this year (not enough!).

I went through three different phones.

I got into board games a bit, best of 2013 being Twilight Imperium Third Edition.

Going to Hong Kong spurred on a delightful period of photography that I hope continues into the future.

There were also a slew of personal projects that I haven’t bothered to write-up, or haven’t yet.

Goals for 2014

  • Get a driver’s license
  • Get a comfortable grasp on Mandarin
  • Start writing Haskell for someone, for money
  • More travelling (Singapore, Murmansk, Tokyo)
  • Keep boxing (work on footwork)
  • Start a business and make some money on the side
  • Place in fpcomplete monthly contest