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Hong Kong Day 6

2013-10-28 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

Not too much to say about today. Mostly a worry-about-getting-through-customs day.

  • Woke up at 8-ish, had breakfast at McDonalds because I like terrible food early before flying.
  • Packed our stuff, checked out of the hostel around 9:45 AM. No problems there. Turns out our room had a whole closet/safe area we didn’t know about (Damn secret doors)
  • Dragged all of our stuff to the general post office in central, fired off a couple of postcards.
  • Lounged around at the Starbucks near there for a while. Played the terrible MTR-themed version of Uno I bought in the lobby at our hostel.
  • Headed to the airport around 1PM, I think.
  • The airport was massive, which we didn’t really see the first time we came through. Really crowded.
  • Got our boarding passes, wandered around in search of food. Bought some no-name fried rice, Claire had some kind of curried beef brisket.
  • Hiked out to our gate, which was way the hell near the end of the airport.
  • Waited around until after sunset for our flight. Bought and started reading Dan Simmons’ The Abominable. Pretty good so far.
  • Flew for ten hours. Managed to sleep or half-sleep through most of it.
  • Hung out on the US side of the Vancouver airport for about an hour and a half. Kind of lonely on that side.
  • Quick jaunt down to Portland.
  • Back home.

That pretty much concludes my trip. Next up, Singapore? Murmansk? I’ll figure it out.