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Hong Kong Day 2

2013-10-24 by Quinlan Pfiffertravel

This is the most capitalist country on the face of the planet. There cannot possibly be a place where more money changes hands every second.

  • Woke up a little before 6 AM, decided to check out Wan Chai and Mong Kok a bit.
  • Had coffee at a Starbucks in the mall near out hostel.
  • Took the train out to Tsim Sha Tsui, walked up and down Nathan road for a bit.
  • Dropped by the Chung King mansions at around 8 AM, it’s reputation of shadiness is not exagerated. Armed security everywhere. Most places were not open so we left.
  • Meandered down to the promenade, saw the star ferry and the bay. Watched the boats for a while.
  • Somehow found out way onto the avenue of stars. Walked a long that, lots of tourists from all over.
  • Decided to eat somewhere. Settled on the Mido Cafe.
  • Took the train up to Yau Ma Tei, ate lunch. Nice little place right next to a park. Pretty cheap, too.
  • Claire wanted to see the bird market so we wandered towards that. A lot of walking.
  • Found our way to the flower market first, it’s so far the only place that hasn’t smelled like car exhaust.
  • Went to the bird market. Very loud, birds everywhere.
  • Headed back to the train station, went to Wan Chai
  • Looked around the Wan Chai computer center. Nothing of immediate interest, although there was another mechanical keyboard place at this one which I looked through for a bit.
  • Our feet were pretty tired by this point so we decided to head home. Got some cash and charged up our octopus cards.

The plan now is to hang out and rest at the hotel for a bit, then check out some kind of light show at night. Maybe go to a restaurant or something.

  • Went to a place called Ipuudu HK for ramen. Pretty good. They’d scream out japanese a la pizza schmizza everytime someone did certain things.
  • Went to see the Hong Kong nighttime skyline from the kowloon waterfront. Looked glorious.
  • Rode the star ferry back over the bay to get to the Wan Chai stop. It only cost 2.5 HKD.
  • I wanted to stop at the Wan Chai computer market again but pretty much evertyhing was closed by 9 PM or so.


  • There seems to be no cultural idea of walking in a certain pattern. Walkways are pretty much anything goes, despite the road systems having a ‘left lane is moving forward’ thing. Very odd.
  • This is probably just the result of really only being out during the work day, but there is a definite ‘get to work, get back home’ kind of zombie-vibe coming from the commuters. Everyone is buried in their phones or looking down or reading the newspaper.
  • 7-11, circle-k, starbucks and McDonalds are all pretty popular here.